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Aditya Vardhan

Founder & CEO

Unknown to many and known to some as a caffeinated programmer by heart, an AI Engineer by profession and an intelligence analyst by passion has been operating for quite some time within the cyber realm. His vision brings his expertise in AI, Neuroscience, Behaviour and Red Team Cyber Operations to analyse and quantify intel under one roof, Antian Advanced Technologies. 

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My Story

Antian Advanced Technologies Private Limited or commonly known as 'Antian' is lead by Mr. Aditya Vardhan. He is the Founder & CEO who has a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from the Utrecht University, Netherlands. His areas of work are Cognition, Visual Perception and Consciousness. His research experience started of as being a Artificial Intelligence (AI) based personal assistant and further developed to working on multiple projects in the field of AI.

Aditya worked in the realm of bioinformatics to identify genetic mutations that lead to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) using Deep Learning in his master's research thesis. However, he now wants to work towards intel collection and analysis to provide a strategic, technological and operational edge to India and her allies. He is a person with a keen eye for detail who has taken up various original projects in Computer Vision models for UAV’s which are currently deployed on Indian Borders. In addition, he in Antian has has also worked on VR Combat Simulators and Battlefield Smart glasses to increase operational efficiency.

His charismatic, go getter attitude prompted him into becoming a cyber red team operator in his early programming days. In the realm of intelligence, he has worked on various projects by leveraging his red team skills and open source intel collection methods. Currently working on a couple sensitive active cases, he strives to take AAT to the pinnacle of success to make 'Antian' a synonym for defence products and services with AI.

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