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Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Chairman, Antian Advanced Technologies

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat, a legend in his own right, is a fifth-generation veteran officer. Born in Gochhi, a village in the Rohtak district of Haryana, Colonel Ajay Ahlawat grew up amongst stories of courage & pride in an Army household. The values that are instilled as part of that history resilience, honour, integrity — are what he still lives with today.

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My Story

A fifth generation Army officer and the family having served the most prestigious & finest Cavalries, Regiments & Rissala's of the Armoured Corps of Indian army, he served the 16th & 61st Cavalry & the Special forces of the Indian army for over 24 years. He has taken to investing his values in businesses to continue his service for the country. Armed with credentials & field experience he took premature retirement and turned an entrepreneur and founded "Rissala".

Rissala today compromises of a group of serving & Ex-Army/Navy/Air force officers who are partners, friends & family, into large scale sustainable, organic farming, Cow Dairy farming, Wellness centres, Heritage boutique resorts, Equestrian & Horse Polo with Rissala Polo clubs in various cities & countries, Heritage buildings, Art & artefacts’, Acquisition of unique/Special inventions/patents in the field of Agriculture, Power, AI & defence, from around the world. Rissala has now ventured into the Auto Industry and are the pioneers of Electric scooters & Motorcycles in India. "No Guts No Glory. No Legend No story!!!"

Rissala manages & provides highly trained Special Forces personnel’s for special missions abroad. (Special level security tasks, elections support, safeguarding strategic sensitive high value establishments & individuals, movement of highly sensitive classified products. Rissala takes on specialised tasks on behalf of governments under full secrecy & independent of scrutiny for single channel reporting scenarios. Specialised tailored tasks undertaken. Rissala has ground presence in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Oman, Ghana, Malawi, China, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Estonia, Srilanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland, and Mauritius, to name a few countries. "Don't fear me for who I am. FEAR ME, For what I am CAPABLE OF." It’s a v low key, close knit group. Rissala works to operate low key, unnoticed and under the radar.


  • Has served the Indian Army from 1984 to 2009.

  • Has served, operated & commanded troops in J&K & Rajasthan.

  • Trained Mossad Recruits

  • Worked closely with Interpol

  • Has been trained on battle tanks.

  • Has been instructor at the prestigious Indian Military Academy, and Officer Training School, Chennai, and Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) Academy Mussoorie.

  • Trained in Unarmed/Armed combat

  • Trained in Jungle & Mountain Warfare, instructor at the guerrilla warfare school in Indonesia & in High Altitude Warfare School.

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